Mutant Micellar Casein 4lb

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HELPS BUILD MUSCLE AND PREVENT MUSCLE RUPTURE | For MICELLAR casein results, use only MICELLAR casein, not plain casein or caseinates. Work hard in the gym to get results; don’t waste all that work skimping on your nutrition.
UPPER MICELLAR STRUCTURE | By isolating micellar casein, our scientists have successfully reduced the fat in milk protein while preserving the delicate structure of the quaternary (highly complex) protein. This gives you a special concentrated milk protein with a superior micellar structure that is left 100% intact, not denatured.
EVIL ADDICTIVE TASTE |Not only does it come in two rich gourmet flavors, but it mixes easily! No more problems with lumps and bad taste.
NO ACID CASEIN OR CASEINATES | We use only undenatured micellar casein from concentrated milk sources in each bottle of MUTANT MICELAR so you can be sure there is no acidic casein or caseinates in this product.
24 GRAMS OF PROTEIN PER Tbsp. | Each scoop of this pure supplement powder mix has 24 grams of protein per scoop. PLUS a slow / nocturnal release micellar casein.

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