MuscleTech Amino Build SX-7 Revolution Ultimate BCAA + Energy 20 ser/368g

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  • Ultimate Bcaa + Energy
  • Focus
  • Performance
  • The technology meets the effectiveness without asbestos & nbsp; creates the Sx-7 revolution with advanced dual-phase activesphere technology and delivers full clinical doses of key ingredients for muscle growth, strength and performance. This exclusive formula was developed to provide immediate and long-lasting energy, while also supporting muscle recovery and maximum muscle growth and performance. Amino-Bcaa Formula A to improve performance
A powerful 10g dose of BCAA delivering a clinically validated 5g dose of L-Leucine from three innovative sources: L-Leucine Peptides, ActivSphere® L-Leucine and PepForm® L -leucine. They work synergistically to achieve powerful anabolic effects. The formula also includes a clinical dose of taurine that has been shown to improve performance in endurance athletes.


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