Finaflex Px Keto Burn 20 ser / 360g

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FINAFLEX® PX KETOBURN®  is a dietary supplement designed to induce, promote and maintain nutritional ketosis. Created for   male and female ketogenic dietersKETOBURN®  contains powdered BHB (ketones) (like goBHB®1) and MCT (medium chain triglycerides). Whether you are just starting your ketogenic journey or are a   seasoned ketogenic dietitianKETOBURN®  was created to support your ketogenic lifestyle. *


Program your body to start burning fat since energy is not produced overnight; It takes a few weeks for dieters to enter ketosis. With  KETOBURN® you  don’t have to wait that long! Studies have shown that after the loading phase it will induce ketosis in just 3 days. Did you have a cheat meal or even a cheat day? Follow the  KETOBURN®  loading  phase  to get back into ketosis in no time!

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