BPI Sports Nitro HD 30 Ser / 150 g

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BPI Sports Nitro HD

Nitrosigine promotes focus, energy, pump and recovery. Whether you’re trying to improve your performance or just love getting that full, hard look in the gym, Nitro HD can help. Feel the effects in just 15 minutes and enjoy the benefits for up to six hours!

BPI Sports has created a supplement dedicated to maximizing muscle pumping and pumping called Nitro HD that can be combined with proprietary pre-workouts such as 1MR and Pump HD.

BPI presents Nitro HD as a long-lasting, fast-acting formula designed to increase blood flow and thus significantly improve muscle pumps.

Nitrosigine in the new Nitro HD from BPI Sports

The latest supplement from BPI Sports is powered by the proprietary Nitrosigine pump compound, which is an inositol-stabilized and bound arginine silicate. We don’t know the exact dosage of Nitrosigine in Nitro HD yet, but if it’s like many of its competitors, it will be around 1.5g per serving.

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