BPI Sports Keto Weight Loss Powder 30 ser / 300 gr

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Our number one selling ketogenic fat burner, Keto Weight Loss ™, now comes as a powder. Keto Weight Loss ™ powder can help you burn more fat for fuel, especially while on a keto, low carb, or intermittent fasting diet. Feel the power of Keto Weight Loss ™ with just one scoop. The special combination of caffeine and clinically studied Teacrine® will give you energy like never before; You’ll feel an instant boost but without the jitters or jitters that you may experience with other weight loss products. Get ready to kick your weight loss efforts into overdrive with this sugar-free, carb-free energy powder for weight loss!

Key benefits

  • Burn Fat for Fuel –
    Keto Weight Loss ™ Powder is packed with MCTs and coconut oil powder to fuel your body with extra healthy fats. Medium chain triglycerides are instantly processed by the liver and act as an instant fuel source for your body.
  • Incredible Energy and Focus –
    When starting a ketogenic diet, you may feel tired or lethargic. Get up and go with Keto Weight Loss ™ Powder! Take Keto Weight Loss ™ powder first thing in the morning or before your workout for an intense and sustained release of energy and focus.
  • Better Stamina:
    Feed your body extra BHB salts to support your performance in the gym. BHB sales are exogenous ketones that fuel the body during intense exercise and activity. Studies have shown that BHB salts can help promote endurance after taking them consistently.


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