BPI Sports Keto Aminos 30 Ser / 600 g

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KETO-AMINOS are essential amino acids for ketogenic diets
BPI Sports KETO-AMINOS ™ is the first essential amino acid (EAA) formula created specifically for those on a ketogenic diet, low carb diets or intermittent fasting diet.

When you are dieting, you want to lose fat and save as much muscle as possible. KETO-AMINES can help you by utilizing fat for fuel and preventing muscle breakdown or catabolism. KETO-AMINES also contains several clinically studied ingredients that have been shown to help improve athletic performance and recovery.

An advanced formula in KETO-AMINOS
BPI Sports KETO-AMINOS contains the same oligopeptide enzyme technology as the popular BPI Sports BEST BCAA. This special technology increases the absorption rate and bioavailability of the product, which means you will get the most out of every scoop. KETO-AMINES supplies your body with the essential amino acids you need to help increase protein synthesis, lean muscle building, and recovery. In order to help those on a specific ketogenic or low carb diet, MCTs and BHB sales have been added to help burn fat for fuel instead of muscles and mind.Lastly, KETO-AMINES includes glutamine to help speed recovery and citrulline to help increase performance, strength, and blood flow.

Advanced Ingredients in New KETO-AMINES
Several studies have shown that medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in oils such as coconut oil can aid in the process of consuming calories, resulting in a loss of weight.

BHB salts are crucial to help save your hard-earned muscle mass and not burn it for fuel during workouts. By helping to keep healthy blood sugar levels within a normal range, BHB (BETA-hydroxybutyrate) supports your body to be less likely to use muscle mass and glucose for energy during workouts, and in its place turned towards the utilization of cellular ketone bodies produced from fatty acids. This is extremely important when you are dieting and in a caloric deficit.

Essential amino acids are not produced by the body and must be added to your diet through food or supplements. They help improve and increase muscle recovery, lean muscle building, performance, and protein synthesis. KETO-AMINES contains a powerful dose of essential amino acids with its exclusive patent for enzymatic oligopeptide protection.

Glutamine has been a staple of athletes for years because it helps improve recovery and prevents muscle breakdown. BPI Sports has added 1 gram of Glycine-Alanyl-Lysine-L-Glutamine.
KETO-AMINES Citrulline for ketogenic diets improves blood flow to increase nitric oxide levels and muscle pumps, thus promoting endurance and peak performance.


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