Allmax Nutrition ZMX2 90Ct

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What is Allmax Nutrition ZMX2?

ALLMAX has achieved maximum absorption levels with next-generation ingredients like P5P (Vitamin B6 in the advanced form of pyridoxal-5-phosphate) providing 550%, highly bioavailable magnesium bisglycinate and 200% ionically bound zinc gluconate.


Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are common in female athletes for a couple of reasons; one, with intense and frequent training, the demands on your reserves of these two elements made dramatically and two elements, these two critics have become much scarcer in our modern diets.

This can result in reduced levels of zinc, magnesium, or both leading to compromised athletic performance, reduced recovery from training, increased incidence of cramps, and general fatigue. ZMX2 can be used by all athletes who wish to gain strength and lean muscle size.

40% of the magnesium in our body can be found in muscle tissue. The remaining 59% in our bones, with 1% distributed in extracellular fluid. Studies have assumed that the average person today consumes about 60% of the magnesium in the diet than less than 100 years ago; This puts people below the RDA level to maintain a basic level of health, no matter how active they are.

Getting the proper forms of zinc and magnesium is absolutely essential for athletes who train hard. Effective intestinal absorption of both elements has been the number one challenge for supplement manufacturers. So we knew it was essential to create ZMX2 with ingredients that had the highest absorption levels combined with the power level.

The ultimate in vitamin biological activity

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient cofactor for effective zinc metabolism and has a positive impact on blood oxygenation levels, reduction of inflammation factors, and has been reported to improve cognitive function (especially in people with ADHD and older adults ). Instead of using regular vitamin B6, we’ve upgraded this formula to the biologically active form known as pyridoxal-5-phosphate, or simply P5P. Using this more powerful and active form means your body can use it without having to convert it. Old School ZMA was good in its day; But ZMX2 is a next generation supplement that uses the latest technology in elemental chelation. ZMX2 uses only rice flour,Naturally sourced bran and concentrate to bind the nutrients in a vegan capsule to ensure you don’t get any of the typical excipients found in other ZMA products. Gluten free and vegan; ZMX2 is a product you can feel good about.


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