Allmax Nutrition Meal Prep 5.6 lb

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 That’s it, FOOD! REAL WHOLE FOOD, we crave for it, it nourishes us, helps us heal and repair, and propels us through vigorous activity. We prepare him, plan meals with him, socialize with friends, and bring families together with him. ALLMAX has created the world’s best “WHOLE-TO-GO” MEALS with their delicious new MEAL PREPARATION. Now you can tailor your meal size to match your activity level, from 140 calories to 550 calories per meal. Can be mixed on the go; Eliminate food waste and reduce prep time to next to nothing.

  • Protein mix: meat, eggs and legumes
  • Fusion of whole grains: oat flakes, rice, quinoa, flax, nuts and seeds
  • Fruit and Vegetable Mix: Dark Greens, Berries, and Citrus
  • Superfood Matrix: Mushrooms, Ginger, and Matcha Green Tea
  • Electrohydration Complex ‡ – Sea Salt, Calcium and Potassium


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