ALLMAX KETO CUTS 30 ser / 240 g

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What is the advantage of Keto?

Simply put, the body normally uses circulating glucose and stored carbohydrates (glycogen) to fuel cell function and the demands placed on it during strenuous exercise. However, when deprived of carbohydrate-containing foods, the body must turn to an alternative source of fuel, which comes in the form of stored body fat. The production of “ketones” is a by-product of this process, HERE THE NAME OF “KETOGENIC DIET”.

While there are many health-related benefits associated with this form of dietary strategy, one of its greatest advantages lies in its ability to help you lose weight quickly and reduce your body fat percentage. Here are some ways that “keto” can positively affect one’s appearance, creating a more well-defined physique:


  • The body must primarily burn fat to fuel the basic functioning and demands of exercise.
  • Very low carbohydrate diets have some “diuretic” effect, creating greater muscle definition.
  • The level of circulating growth hormone increases, which improves the ability to burn body fat and build muscle.



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