Allmax Nutrition Allmass 12 lbs / 80 ser

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Introducing ALLMAX SPORT ALLMASS Advanced Muscle Builder. Our Advanced Muscle Builder mixes instantly into ice water or milk and tastes like a thick, frothy shake. Get a massive 2000 calories and 80 grams of protein in every 5 scoops.

  • Advanced post-workout winner
  • Fortified with BCAAs for muscle building
  •  Stacked with essential amino acids

ALLMASS Advanced Muscle Builder helps prevent post-workout muscle breakdown, which puts your body in an anabolic state (increases muscle synthesis). Take ALLMAX SPORT ALLMASS immediately after your workout. On the days that you don’t exercise, start waking up.

The ultimate weight gainer to simplify your caloric needs.

The simple truth is that most female athletes don’t eat enough to fully recover from hard practice or training. The tedious act of consuming the necessary calories every day is the hardest part of gaining lean body weight and recovering from vigorous exercise. ALLMASS provides up to 2,000 youthful calories per serving, basically hacking into your nutritional program and making it an easy hit area for the results-hungry athlete.

Since our carbohydrates come from two sources, a faster release and a slower release, you get a rush of carbs quickly after exercise or sport so you can begin the recovery process. After that, you get a slower release of carbohydrates as your body requires it for the next several hours. By supplying your body with both fast and slow release carbohydrates, you are ensuring a full recovery and ready for your next exercise, practice, or game session.

Our proteins come from four easily absorbed, step-release milk-based protein sources. These four proteins have an excellent amino acid profile, the building blocks of all muscle tissue in your body. By quickly and slowly providing your body with the necessary muscle building need, you ensure that you have an adequate supply of amino acids at all times to remain anabolic and in a muscle-building phase.


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