Finaflex PX PROBIOTIC 60 cápsulas – 30 ser

$ 295.00 IVA Incluido


FINAFLEX® PX PROBIOTIC ™   is the next generation in energy and weight loss supplements. With a unique  two-stage sequential delivery technology  DuoCap®  ),  PX PROBIOTIC ™ sets itself apart  from other weight management products on the market today. Stage 1 features a thermogenic energy matrix that provides the energy, focus, and appetite suppression needed to get you through the day. Stage 2 is powered by  proBIOTIC 10B ™  , a trifecta of robust probiotics targeting weight loss that help promote a healthy body composition.Unlike other probiotic products that are destroyed in the stomach, the PX PROBIOTIC ™ formula   is powered by  DuoCap®  , ensuring that  proBIOTIC 10B ™  is delivered to the small intestine, maximizing uptake and absorption. Use  PX PROBIOTIC ™  every day to help  REDEFINE YOURSELF® .

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